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My background is in design and I have lived in Kent for over 25 years. I am married with two amazing boys and when I’m not painting I enjoy playing the piano and occasionally find time for a quick jog around the block.

Inspired by nature, I am drawn to landscapes, water and interesting skies. I am fascinated by birds and I enjoy experimenting with patterns, textures and layers of colour.

When painting I work mainly with acrylics, plus a few  extra ingredients if I need a specific effect or finish. With printing I enjoy experimenting with different techniques to produce linocuts, collagraphs and monoprints. I often use hand-cut stencils, masks and stamps to achieve a lot of the textures found in my work.

I work from my studio at home in Kingsnorth and take part in local exhibitions and art events. I also accept commissions. If you would like further information please contact me for more details.

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